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Hi! I'm Sophie Olivia ... I am currently in my final year at John moored University studying Fine Art. I create work that reflects on organic structures, I consider my work more as a process in everyday life for instance I feel I can only paint when I get day to day jobs out the way like a to do list, only then I feel I can get creating. You could say I turn my brain off for a short amount of time so I can get more involved with my practice as its how I work. I regularly create fresh spontaniety, vibrant, colour drenched; wet on wet drawings. Characterised by vivid washes of colour with intuitive mark making exploring a variety of compositions. intrigued by the unpredictable nature of watercolour and ink I love to explore these methods. My work is a visual narrative of my surroundings in various environments which plays a dynamic part in my work.  I tend to work in quiet spaces where I can lose myself in the process. The emphasis will be focused on shapes and forms, photographic references into the design of my composition, use of colour or black and white. I will be experimenting uses of different materials such as collage , water based as well as experimenting with scale which shall be a variety of large and small works. Recently due to the pandemic I have been forced to work the complete opposite manner by working from home, no longer in a larger studio space. Slowly but surly now I have accepted the current situation, I have adapted my work into this strange environment by allowing art to be a massive help to get through this lockdown. The way I work helps me to not think about everyday life, however during this lockdown my mind is just filled with so much emotion that I have learnt to express this into my practice.

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